Webinar • February 18 • 12:00PM EST

Using Low-code Test Automation To Simplify Complex Functional Testing

Thomas Lavin

Product Manager, mabl

Software applications have grown increasingly complex in functionality to create simpler, more elegant experiences for users. Creating and maintaining the necessary automated tests is challenging when you don’t have the right tools and strategy in place. Unfortunately the result is significant bottlenecks that put organizations under pressure to deliver flawless products at a faster pace. 

Not only are better solutions needed, but QE needs more effective strategies to help improve velocity and quality. This webinar will explore ways to for maximizing the impact of test automation using a modern, low-code approach with solutions like mabl.

You'll also learn:

Agile and DevOps

How testing is evolving for Agile and DevOps teams

Testing Tips

Tips to easily test complex functionality

Quality Improvements

How to turn test outcomes into quality improvements

Real-world Examples

Real-world examples of how fast-paced testing teams are thriving

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