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Early Access program

Mabl’s Early Access program allows you to have exclusive access to new mabl product features and updates. This program gives you the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by receiving early access to the latest in intelligent testing technology - and directly influence mabl’s product development. Seats are limited and chosen on a first-come, first serve basis to ensure dedicated interaction with the mabl team.

Current Offerings

Mabl Desktop App

Mabl has created a new, independent desktop app that allows you to manage your tests outside of the web app. Instead of creating tests in the browser using the Chrome extension, the desktop app enables you to launch training sessions in stateless browsers - all within the context of the app. This new mode of creating tests ensures that browser state or cookies will not interfere with the creation of your tests. The desktop app also includes the ability to run tests locally directly from the mabl UI, enabling you to quickly validate the results of your tests without adding toward your run allowance. This new platform will allow mabl to expand in novel and exciting ways - be the first to try it out!

mabl Desktop App

End-to-end API Testing

Mabl is introducing native API testing that takes our capabilities to the next level. You can now quickly add and run standalone API tests - allowing you to more easily incorporate UI and API test automation as part of your end-to-end testing strategy. Import your tests directly from Postman and run tests in the mabl cloud or on deployment in your CI/CD pipelines. 

Adding API testing to your mabl workspace allows you to take advantage of rich diagnostic data for troubleshooting test results, simpler creation of API requests and validations, and faster runtime for setup/teardowns. Plus, you can simplify your QA by managing both UI and API tests from a single platform.

API Tests

Continuous Testing in CI/CD

The mabl Runner now lets you run tests in headless mode inside your CI/CD environment during a code build. By using the Runner to execute end-to-end tests earlier in your development life cycle, you can catch and resolve issues with minimal impact. Plus, it allows you to quickly understand what tests need to be updated so they don’t break further in the pipeline - all without having to fully deploy your application to a test environment. Both the application and tests can run inside the CI container or virtual machine (VM) that is provisioned by your CI build tool (like GitHub Actions, CircleCI, GitLab, BitBucket Pipelines, and more).

CI Runner

How it Works

Step 1

Choose your program and reserve your seat. If a spot becomes available, you will be invited to attend a 30-minute onboarding call with the mabl product team.

Step 2

Give the feature a try and discuss with your team members how you think it can help you achieve your product quality goals.

Step 3

Attend a 30-minute feedback call with the mabl product team to discuss your experience. Enjoy receiving regular product updates during the early access period.